3D Modeling and Printing: the fifth STEM is FEM module took place online

An educational module dedicated to 3D modeling and printing took place online on the 13th and 14th of June. It was the fifth module for Ukrainian schoolgirls organized by Gamingtec during the current school year. Among the special guests of the event, there were representatives of UN Women and the British Embassy in Kyiv.

We launched Stem is Fem charity project to support girls interested in studying technical sciences. While attending modules, participants listen to motivational speeches, take part in Q&A sessions, and carry out creative tasks. On the 3D Modeling and Printing module, the girls completed workshops by representatives of America House in Kyiv and Fabricator Fablab rapid prototyping laboratory that belongs to global Fab Lab network. During this module, the participants have learned how to create a 3D model of a park bench designed in order to keep people distant from one another due to quarantine measures.

Sapar Karyagdyyev, CEO at Gamingtec, said, ‘During the quarantine, our apartments have turned into offices, gyms, restaurants, and social clubs. The winner of the module has won a 3D printer that can be safely used at home. If the winner continues studying 3D modeling, she will be able to build a start-up laboratory. 3D printing is a promising area.

Anna Yerastova, Designer at Gamingtec, made a motivational speech for the attendees. She shared her experience in the design area and gave them several tips on how to find their professional life purpose: ‘Building a career, it is important to follow true passion regardless of the social expectation. After school, I graduated as an economist, I worked for two years in this field, and then realized that I was keen to work with visual images, not with numbers.‘ 

The Stem is Fem’s online course on 3D modeling and printing educated 30 girls from different Ukrainian cities and towns. All of them have received souvenirs to remember this educational session. The grand prize a 3D printer was won by Luchyn Iryna from Ivano-Frankivsk. Two winners of the module are Konaschuk Victoria from Kyiv and Tarapata Nelly from Dnipro. They were prized with a course on 3D printing from the University of Illinois System.

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3D Modeling and Printing: the fifth STEM is FEM module