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Gamingtec team is an inspiring community that unites enthusiastic and creative people. We are an international team of more than 85 talented specialists that are keen on innovations, challenges, and smart solutions.

The company started in 2013 as a startup and now, six years later,  we have two headquarters in London and Kyiv and work on successful projects with more than ten long-term partners. To work effectively, we have built a professional team and would like to introduce our best professionals.

Sapar Karyagdyyev, CEO

Sapar Karyagdyyev, CEO of Gamingtec

The career of Sapar is closely linked to his education. At the University of Warwick (Coventry, UK), he got a master’s in exploring the process of business mergers and acquisitions and its impact on startup companies. And later on, he founded the startup called Gamingtec.

“The key to my own professional growth is a combination of knowing four languages, getting three university degrees and working with a united team.”

Gamingtec works in Ukraine, according to the European standards. The company highly appreciates initiative people with fresh ideas, it creates a working space where all employees have equal rights and opportunities to express themselves regardless of their gender, age, or origin.

Olga, Chief Marketing Officer

Olga Stoyan, CMO of Gamingtec

Olga is responsible for all marketing activities, advertising campaigns, collaborations with partners, and finding the key for future sales growth of our partners.

“iGgaming industry is considered to be a man`s world that is off-limits to women. However, I feel comfortable here, I like challenging tasks and appreciate team spirit. The only thing that matters in Gamingtec is a professional level of an employee.”

Anton, Project Manager

Anton Ivanov, Project Manager in Gamingtec

Thanks to the ability to think outside the box, Anton brings his IT team together. Working on new iGaming solutions, Anton’s team is looking for ways to improve the Gamingtec platform and increase the speed of customer service through the use of new technologies.

“I am proud of my professional and high-qualified team. We are brainstorming, training, taking on different challenges and issues. It can be complicated sometimes, but it is never boring.”

Ivan, Product Development Manager

Ivan Klymenko, Product Development Manager in Gamingtec

Ivan coordinates all stages of product development, from an initial concept to finalization and distribution of a product. Collaborating with our partners, Ivan offers them the best full turnkey solutions that shake up the markets.

“I love working in Gamingtec because I have full freedom of action to solve problems and meet the challenges as well as to improve the experience of new products in the industry. Create experiments, analyze, act, – this is the only way to develop valuable products.”

Margaryta, Chief Financial Officer

Margaryta Shnyr, Finance Manager

Reporting, budgeting, costs control – its all about Margaryta.

“Since I started working, I have been looking for a fast-growing industry, and iGaming business is a perfect choice for me. I appreciate being a part of Gamingtec, an ambitious company that provides equal opportunities to all employees regardless of gender, nationality, or age.”

Vadim, Head of Legal and Compliance

Vadim Riabokin, Head of Legal Compliance in Gamingtec

With Vadim’s legal advice, our company and companies of our partners run business in full compliance with all national and international laws and regulations that pertain to iGaming industry.

“Law and regulation system is a rapidly changing field, so I keep abreast of new developments in the industry to help our company stay ahead of the curve.”

Tatiana, HR Manager

Tatiana Chernysh, HR Manager

Thanks to Tatiana, Gamingtec is a fast-growing team of professionals. She provides team-building activities, to enhance our productivity organizes the work process, and establishes contacts with all the employees.

“Being HR in an international company means meeting new people, discovering different cultures, implementing innovative tools and systems, and solving various challenging situations.”

Oksana, PR Manager

Oksana Kuiantseva, PR Manager in Gamingtec

Thanks to Oksana, you сan learn more about Gamingtec. She is a person that cares about social media presence of our company and Gamingtec corporate blog. Oksana is the one who knows how to build strong relations with media and external influencers to tell people new and interesting stories about our corporate culture and business updates.

“What I appreciate in Gamingtec the most, is the creativity and competence of our team. Here, people are not only looking for technical solutions, but are really encouraged by a development process. For me, working in this environment is truly inspirational and challenging.”

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