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Sportsbook manager (director) job position

    We are looking for a Sportsbook manager (director) to create a brand new b2b product which will be a part of the wide-range gambling portfolio of the big holding company. Work experience in betting companies and passion for sports products are a must.

You will be developing the corporate policy and the image of the product, building up processes and requirements for risk management, elaborating the instruments and approaches to work with clients. Shortly, we aim at building up the best sports betting product in the world from scratch with due regard to the dynamically developing market and technologies.

We will fit in with each other if you will not fear to offer the revolutionary solutions and prove your point to the conservative market, if you know exactly what kind of product the online betting market needs, and if you understand that it still does not exist, as we do.

- Organization, planning, coordination and control over the department activities.
- Developing a comprehensive risk-management strategy.
- Working with service providers.
- Setting feeds, lines, markets, limits, etc. with the help of internal tools as well as external ones (Betradar, for example).
- Projecting the internal tool kit to provide flexibility and speed of the work and setting the product in accordance with clients needs.
- Developing marketing programs.
- Analyzing users behavior and discover patterns for machine learning.
- Controlling instantly and comprehensively the Sportsbook component of the product, correcting and interacting with company's different departments.
- Adjusting the product to different local and specialized markets.
- Analyzing competitors offers and respond to the market changes.
- Building up and the management of the trading and risk-management teams, elaborate the motivational programs for them.
- Reporting on the departments' results of the work.
- Communicating directly with top-manager and stockholders.

Basic requirements:
- 5 years of experience in working with online betting products as a minimum.
- Deep understanding of betting to the smallest detail.
- Understanding the rules of international regulation and licensing in the field.
- Recognition of the main market players (both b2c and b2b).
- Experience in building up and managing a team.
- The desire to create the best brand new product in the market.
- The understanding of approaches to the development of modern products, preferred.

If you would like to apply for this job, please contact us.