Reinventing Sports Betting

Odds Feed

Covering more then 500 000 events across 80+ sports. All odds are automatically revised by risk management system to guarantee competitiveness for the partners.


Bringing deep analytics experience, we provide partner all-levels management with ultimate reports on sportsbook performance.

Risk Management

Establishing multi-step risk management internal system, we protect our partners from risky players. All bets are accurately and automatically revised within seconds.

Promo &
Marketing Tools

Promoting personolized approach in marketing, we implement a range of tools for parters to increase engagement and user retention.

Machine Learning

Collecting tons of impersonal data and implementing a range of machine learning techniques, we do provide an automatic personalized approach to each player.

Responsive &
Customizible Design

Providing fully responsible design for any desktop, mobile and tablet devices. The whole sportsbook can be customized by a couple of clicks.

Technology Stack

Combining microservice architechture with 7 data centers across 5 continents, we offer the highest availability of resources for all users all over the world.

Live HD in 7 Virtual sports
Events across 80+ sports in pre-match
Live odds events in Esport
Events in Esport pre-match
Live events through 40+ sports

Odds & Risk-management

We scan all main sportsbook providers every second to protect partners from movement and value bettors and other risk players.

Every coupon is thoroughly revised and approved by multi-step complicated system.

All suspicious activities are automatically identified and prohibited. The whole pipeline takes no more than 3 seconds in live and 0,5 seconds in pre-match.

Promo & Marketing tools Our partners benefit from:

promo offers

Engaging live promo widgets with real data instead of static banners


Automatically segmented audiences instead of manual user division

Churn Rate

Getting accurate predictions on when user is to churn instead of losing clients


Personalized offers instead of one banner for all users

Retention Boost

Freebets, ComboBoosts, Cashout and wide range of tools for effective users acquisition and retention


A typical backoffice helps managers to raise questions. We do our best to carry out a system that can give an answer to them.

  • Complete Sportsbook tuning on your fingertips
  • Ultimate reports for all-level management
  • Easy customer support
  • Fast marketing tools

Fast Integration

  • Full control over the testing progress
  • Available migration tools to all popular sportsbook provided — less efforts from partner side
  • 3 options for integration: API, Widget, Frame
  • Automatically established test and productive environments
All these can be done in just one click…

Machine learning & Customer personalisation

We predict
  • Users churn rate to be reduced
  • Players segments to target at
  • Events to suggest for players at right time
  • Players turnover in future
We detect
  • Fraud and risky players
  • Suspicious behaviour
We produce
  • Cybersport bot-fights live odds
  • Odds feed based on real sport data
  • Automated personalisation promo offers

Responsive design

Full support of any devices, either existing or not developed yet. 
Fully responsive. When everybody conceptualize ideas, we put them real.
Fully Customizable
  • 44 languages support
  • 35 currencies available
  • 5 odds types
  • Adaptive and easily-customized design templates
  • Sportsbook content configuring as easy as ABC
  • Tile, table and social style layouts


No matter which market a partner operates in.
We meets equally highest standards of quality for any markets - all over the World.
reaction on high
performance demand
Operators benefit from easily-scalable microservices architecture spread over independently distributed data centers across the globe. Really cutting edge technology stack ready for any market requirements